Winter Wren(ミソサザイ)

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Winter Wren(ミソサザイ)Size:L11cm
This bird is a second smaller bird in Japan.wonderful bird,we can see a short time in a year.


S.C.E. said...

Wrens are very tricky to photograph, you did pretty well here!

dguzman said...

Very nice! I photographed a House Wren that I kept hoping was a Winter Wren, but now I really see the difference! Thanks!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I love that your blog gives me the chance to see the different birds in Japan. Beautifully photographed, and thanks also for giving commentary in English.

Anders said...

Great photos and thanks for posting in English! Where in Japan is this?

Keep up the good work!/Anders, Stockholm, Sweden

Pensionasuka said...

Thanks for Comment,All these photographies I took
at deference places in Tokyo.